Playlist der Machtdose September 2013

Mariette – Yeah Yeah, Utah [StoneAge Records 101]

Alpha Male Tea Party – Taste Like Dog [Superstar Destroyer Records]

Nora and the Janitors – The Spur Road [Album: Girls Just Want to Have Gun]

Infinity Girl – Taking Nothing [StoneAge Records 100]

Bell Monks – let the waves carry us [Mine All Mine Records Mam241]

Jazz Pad – Moon Light [Album: BY the Moon Light]

Asthmaboy – Get Me Away (Mercury) [Album: Wanderers]

Frau – Mr. Wolf [Yes No Wave Music yesno73]

Belle – The Truth [Blocsonic BSCOMP044 & Album: Belle]

Shad + Skratch Pad – Outta My Head [Blocsonic BSCOMP044 & Album: The Spring Up]

Auditive Escape – Boreals [Dusted Wax Kingdom DWK227]

SincJack – Cosmos [Dusted Wax Kingdom DWK228]

embässy – Forgotten (Short Memories) [Free the Beats Compilation Vol. 10]

Erothyme – Transients [Album: Empathic Circuitry]

Enabl.ed – No Matches only fire [CleanError Records]

Cyril D’Ex – Morning Breeze [Deep-X Recordings deepx252]

Blastculture – Shinoda vs Akane [Toucan Music tou288]

Trilingo – Intent [Digital Diamonds 029]

Carpainter – Fancy Night Step [Maltine Records MARU117]

Cuckoo Spit – Salmon Custard [Fwonk* FW109]

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